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Trip Report: Playa/Cozumel/Cancun/Mayan Palace

I have quite a few pictures uploaded to my gallery. Many of the Mayan Palace swimming pool (largest pool in Latin America) and lot of Playa .

Sunday Sept 26th
Up at 3am. Seattle airport Security was a breeze. Had my 1st screwdriver at 6:45 am. Angie managed 2 lay down & sleep 4 a bit. Had to get off the plane briefly in L.A. Finished my 1st pint by 9:30. I was drunk by Nevada.

Four and a half hours later, Angie somehow managed to get me thru Cancun customs (long, long line). At the Mayan Palace we had paid for a regular room (bought from a timeshare owner) in the Mayan Palace side of the resort. Walked up to the Grand Mayan check in counter and slid the desk guy a hundred bucks. We got a Grand Mayan double suite!!!!!!! (pictures in gallery)
Five rooms on the ground floor (I’m guessing about 1,350 s.f.). We had 2 Jacuzzi tubs, a full kitchen, dining area and living room, 3 couches, and a love seat, 2 king size beds in separate bedrooms, six sinks, 3 TV's, & our own private dipping pool on one of our 3 patios!
Walked around the HUGE place. Had a very nice dinner in the Italian restaurant. Went to Latin Night at the Party Palapa. I limboed and would have done much better had I been able to stand. Angie started to participate, but decided against it (cuz she's shy (not really) but had on only a short, short skirt -if you know what I mean ). In bed after midnight

Monday the 27th

Fat Cat van picked us up at the Mayan Palace about 9am (thanks Heather & Stewart for coming all the way out there). Met the first of the PlayaInfo people - Tracie (Tracielynn) & Daryl. Jeff (Checkerstripe) & Latasha were also on the boat. Had a nice ride to a bay with a Mayan lighthouse (a rock pedestal where bonfires were lit). Snorkeling was very good. Sea floor was cool. Stopped at Spiral Island and met Richie. He gave us a tour and played us a song in his living room. Angie was hammered just after that. Checkerstripe and Latasha gave us a ride back to the Mayan Palace. We stopped and shopped at the grocery store in Playa. Angie doesn't remember much beyond Spiral Island.

Tuesday the 28th

Taxied in to Playa about 8 am (taxi was 17 or 18 USD – it seemed to alternate price each day). Split 6 tacos & 2 Cokes for 40 pesos + tip. Picked up our Playa Deal Card . Taxied on to Dolphin Discovery at Puerto Adventuras. The Dolphins & Manatees & Stingray experience was GREAT! Bought pictures 5 pictures and 2 DVDs of our swims for $150. I highly recommend this particular dolphin encounter. It’s the only place in the world that you can swim and interact with manatees. Being in the tank while feeding the Stingrays was also really cool. The Royal Dolphin Swim was indescribable . I have a few of the pictures uploaded to my gallery . Being drug or pushed threw the water with them was amazing. They area very strong, but gentle. It was quite and experience having them swim under you and then torn and jump up out of the water landing in the direction they just came from. Ate at The Pub there and taxied to Playa.

Had drinks at Playa Maya. Used an Internet Cafe to call Gerardo (director of the Solexico Language and Cultural Centers). We had brought some things down from the states for him. Walked, shopped and drank 5th Ave. Drank at The Tequila Barrel. Watched Java Joe get whacked by a chair by the Fridas building owner. That was kinda of interesting. We learned more about that soap opera later in our trip.

We met Gerardo at Tired Frog (La Ranita – I think). He bought us a couple beers . Showed us around town a little. Took us shopping & gave us a ride to the Grand Mayan. We stayed up late. Spent an hour & a half walking around in the pool (that’s how big it is) and at least two hours in the Jacuzzi. We were kinda pruney.

Wednesday the 29th

Slept in. Had the breakfast buffet . It was very good. Lots and lots of meat!!! Hung out by the pool and the beach all day. Went in to Playa about 2pm. Walked 5th. Had a crappy dinner at Rick's Palapa at the Blue Parrot. (shrimp fettuccini was shrimp in egg noodles cooked in butter). Then the Woody (Woodinator) and Diane arrived and our Get Together started to get underway!! The turnout wasn’t too bad.

Me (Junior08) & Angie

Woody (Woodinator) & Diane

Paul (PaulDes)& Desarae

Trish (Trish), Cynthia and Sharon

Heather & Michael

Tracie (Tracielynn) & Daryl

Jeff (Checkerstripe) & Latasha

Gerardo (Gerardo) & another guy I didn’t meet

We got pictures . There’s the group phot and a couple others in my gallery. Road home with Jeff & Latasha.

Thursday the 30th

Angie went to the pool about 9am. I dozed till 11 & joined her with a cooler of beer . We sat at the pool bar all day till 5 . Met some nice people. Rob from London, TJ & Harry from CA, Sheila & Trevor from Boston, we joined them & 2 others for the dinner show Mexican Fiesta. The show was ok.

Friday, October 1st

We figured it was time to cook the stuff we got at the store. Angie cooked up all our meat ( bunch of assorted beef cuts and some kind of fish). Went to the pool till 1st happy hour was over , then taxied to Playa.

Had a VERY good dinner at the Blue Lobster (2x1 beers). Shopped for a swimsuit for Angie. Walked the beach to the ferry dock. It rained hard while we were waiting. No problem. The ride to Cozumel was interesting (very rough). Walked. Shopped. Had drinks at Kelly's, then Hard Rock. The bartender (Wild Bill Willy) was VERY entertaining (pictures on my gallery). He did bar tricks and magic for us the whole time we sat there.

Stopped at Captain Tutix. It was had a cool pirate décor and live music (our kind, not that stuff that’s like the dance song that has no beginning or end). The bar was shaped like a pirate ship. Walk down to watched the nightly fire show at the Blue Parrot. Cool. Taxied home about midnight .

Saturday the 2nd

Up at 5:15 am. to go get a poolside Palapa Bed. We weren't the first. They were all gone by 7. Huge storm and down pour about 6:30 (i think on most mornings, but I was never up that early) We stayed fairly dry. Not much sun today . Mostly slept. Had lunch & happy hour on the poolside bed. About 2, we went up to get ready to go out.

Taxied to Cancun ($34 each way). Had trouble with my credit card prepaying at Coco Bongo. Took 45 min in an Internet Cafe to figure out that there was no problem . That’s Mexico for ya.L Had one at Carlos & Charley's. Walked around. Thru Plaza Caracol. Ate at Casa Tequila. (Very good chicken burrito & fajitas). Drinks at Slices (they gave Angie one to go when we left, very nice).

There was a poor sea lion in the Forum Plaza giving kisses for pictures. It was really sad.

Back at Carlos & Charley's they had us dancing with the staff. Got in Coco Bongo's fairly quickly. Tipped the bartender and host (got very good service all night). The host seated us in probably the best table in the house . Only about 15% of the people even had any table at all. The show was AWESOME!! Didn't get to dance tho. Not our kind of music. Plus the show was over about 3 and we couldn’t or didn’t find another club, so just went “home”.

Sunday the 3rd

Woke up 15 minutes before checkout . Put our bags in holding. Gave our leftover beer (about 24) to a nice couple (they appeared to be overjoyed) Went to the pool at 11am. Not feeling real great . It’s been a long, hot week of drinking and walking. Got lunch at the snack palapa...... ok, and one more beer . Ended up with a sunburn from about 10 minutes in the sun without screen. At least I didn’t get it on the first day. J Long day on planes (5 to midnight) Got to Seattle hotel without any luggage . Got to stay the night with the same clothes and a disposable toothbrush , until our flight back to Spokane (home) on Monday.

Can’t wait to do it again!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Junior08
Checkerstripe and Latasha gave us a ride back to the Mayan Palace. We stopped and shopped at the grocery store in Playa. Angie doesn't remember much beyond Spiral Island.<O:p</O:p

It was great to meet you guys ... good times, good times!
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Hey Kurt and Angie!! So glad to have met you. Had a great time on the Fat Cat. I still don't know how Angie and I managed to swim around Richies island like we did with all the "paronas"!!! (spelling?) Take care of yourselves
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Tracie, it was great to meet you guys too. I don't when we'll get over your way, but if we do we'll look you guys up. Maybe we could drag you guys to a race..... Michigan?

Jeff, thanks again for all the rides. When in Seattle, we'll look you up. We get over there as often as we can. Love Seattle. We like to stay at the 5th Avenue Red Lion downtown.

I'll PM you guys my email.
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Junior, thanks for the info. We are leaving tomorrow for the Mayan Palace and am interested in the 'upgrade' you got at the Grand. We also are reserved for a regular room in the Mayan. Was it just that easy to upgrade to the Grand? Did you specifically ask for a double suite?
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