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Welcome to the forum.

I gotta tell ya, you should skip the AI entirely and just book the Luna Blue (or any of the many other great hotels in town) for your entire stay. For $600 a night you could have the best room at any of those hotels, eat dinner at the most expensive restaurants in town and still have $200 left over every day.

BTW, the Playa beaches are not all that crowded. Haven't been in March, but was just there over the holidays (Chirstmas/New Year's) and not too crowded at all. Besides, for a $10 purchase of food or beverages, you can occupy a chaise lounge on the beach at a place like El Pirata with beach service all day long. Or you can spend a little more and go to Mamitas or Kool Beach Clubs just to the north.

And the best part of all? Not a single, crappy buffet to be found. Hey, if you wanted to spend your vacation in a buffet line, you could rent a crappy room in Chicago and go to an MCL everyday.

Have a great time.
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