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Originally Posted by *MrsMuffin* View Post
I've heard so much great stuff.. glad to hear another positive review of the place! Unfortunately, March is the only month we can get away.. so it looks like we are stuck with the "prime" rates to book the Royal lol.. what can you do! I was also thinking about staying our last night at a boutique hotel and try out all the different restaurants! I'm wondering if it would be cheaper to just stick with AI... but then again for almost $600 a night at the Royal I may have answered my own question LOL I've started to do a search for a daily price range for food for 2 adults.. but since I am on the topic.. I was wondering from your experience or opinion how much it would cost for 2 adults to eat/drink for the day?
The costo of eat/drink for a day will depend on what you want you can find a good meal for 5 dll or for 55dls per person.
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