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Originally Posted by *MrsMuffin* View Post
wow.. under $100 sounds good! Where were your top places to go?! 10 days in Playa sounds great! Wish we had that flexibility to go for more than 6 nights
I also noticed that you went last year around the same time we are planning on heading down.. how crowded were the beaches? I know it's public and given that the beach is next door to town lol.. will I still be able to find a nice spot to chill out without getting my bags stepped on? LOL.. We brieftly visited Playa the first time around during the evening for some shopping.. and I believe the beach was just clearing out so I have no reference on how it will be during the day and for our second visit we also made it out during the evening for some drinks. Did you bump into any obnoxious springbreakers? I've read some bad posts on tripadvisor that there has been an increase on "springbreakers" and when I mean "springbreakers" I mean the ones that break bottles over each others heads haha.. we will be alone so we are always concerned about incidents with loud and obnoxious troublemakers!
Hey there, sorry for the delay...
Our top places are also some of the more popular spots on the board here. Can't imagine going to Playa without hitting all of them.

Babes www.babesnoodlesand
(we usually eat here at least 3 times) Mojitos, Swedish Meatballs and Thai dishes-everything is fantastic that we have had there
La Cueva del Chango (cool jungle/garden atmosphere with wonderful food and fresh juices) We go for breakfast usually
HC Monterrey great steak
Media Luna (great spot for anytime food and great people watching)
La Tarraya (great spot for lunch on the beach, try the ceviche)

Now there are lots more, but if you only have a few meals I would not miss these places.

They are all pretty casual also. There are lots of more expensive places, but we really don't do them that need really. But, I would try Glass Bar, have heard Negrosal is good, as is John Grays and Chicago Dons (steak) I live in Indiana though and I can get a great steak anytime. I prefer the stuff I can't get at home-but that is just me.

As for the spring breakers, I wouldn't worry too much. Yes they are there, but not a huge presence, and there are people having fun allover the place. Not the 1000's of 20-something craziness of Cancun.

I wanna go now!!!

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