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are you looking for sharks?

I think you have to define shark activity carefully to really answer this question. For example, the International Shark Attack File (compiled by the Florida Museum of Natural History - lots of good info on reported shark attacks) reports that there have been 5 confirmed, unprovoked shark attacks in Delaware since 1670 with one fatal attack in 1968. Doesn't seem like much shark acticity. But on the other hand, from a fisherman's perspective, I can catch small sharks anytime I want off the beach and sharks 6+ feet anytime I want from a boat within 1 mile of shore. From that perspective it seems like a lot of shark activity.

The stats on the coast of Quintana Roo (roughly Cancun to Punta Allen) indicate that from 1880 to 2003 there were 5 confirmed unprovoked shark attack fatalities with the last one occuring in 1997. See .
Pretty minimal compared to the 40,000+ automobile fatalities inthe US EVERY YEAR!

Myself, I never swim at night, but other than than don't worry about it...

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