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Originally Posted by Perry245 View Post
hiya just wounding what the current weather is like in playa del carmen, we going there at the end of june.
The weather forecast for next week says all clouds. :cry: I'm worried I'm not going to be able to....
The weather here is quite variable. The weather forecasts shed very little light on what actually happens. They'll call for 7 days of clouds and we'll have a great week. It's the tropics - there's often a chance of rain, but most of the time the rain is short and sweet, and the sun is out again an hour later. Don't worry! We understand that you want nice weather, everyone does. Luckily, it's mostly nice here. No one can tell you what next week has in store for you.

I'm sure you are very excited for your vacation. I would be too, with less then a month to go. The above is posted in the announcements. The weather in Playa is lovely and most likely much better then what you are leaving. It's probably not neccesary to start a new weather thread every day. Maybe we can get Babaloo to resurrect his "Today's Weather" thread for the next month for you.
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