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Old 01-05-2005   #46 (permalink)
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Knowing Scotty's proclivities and tendencies...I think I'd check to see what images are now included on the memory card of that temporarily-mislaid camera. There just might be the potential for a successful commercial venture here. Do the words "extortion" and "blackmail" mean anything to you?
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Ginger - happy to hear that you have been reuinited with your camera! Have a safe trip and hope the health issues get resolved.
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Very nice pics Polarbare1 !!!
Tell us more about your snorkel trip !!!

Ginger - glad you found your camera....
Hope you all have a safe trip home !
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Originally Posted by michaelholmes

Please don’t forget to invoice Scott for the camera rental costs that you incurred later in the week. It would be best to get the cash on its way to you, so that my invoice does not come as too much of a shock. Renting those high end Olympus cameras from me is kind of expensive but well worth it.

You hear that Scott? You might as well pay Micheal... I don't want to be in his bad books when we visit him on the way home..har har.
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