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Rental car on car ferry to Coz- bungalow?

going to PDC in Feb(3 weeks). Renting car from Cancun. Read on some other forum that it is not permited to take rentals on car ferry to Coz ??? Don't see why, it's the same country..figure it's a scam for car renters on Coz.

Anyone heard of this and know reason why ?

Also looking for 2 bedroom villa, bung, condo on beach, (not right in PDC, but close) for 3 nights...reasonable price ($125 reasonable??)) Most require one week minimum stay...

Many thanks
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any takers ?

Hello again.
PDC Expert advise (re rental on car ferry)would be appreciated.
Also, is car ferry from punta venato is there a lot of cancelation , schedule changes due to weather (going in Feb )

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I once had this idea that I was going to take a rental car on the car ferry. I was going to spend part of the night in the car ferry line (The Puerto Ferry leaves at 5am) and possibly displace some produce that had to go on the commercial ferry. And take the risk the ferry was full so that I would have to come back the next day. By investing all of this time (and the $53 cost) I could save myself one or two days car rental cost ($54 for two days). After thinking this through, I decided it was not one of my better ideas. And so I parked the car in a secure lot for my trip to Coz and enjoyed my vacation.

For that reason I have no first hand information about the car ferry. I can see the Punta Venado ferry from the top of my house as it makes its way to Coz. This service is relatively new and does offer you more choices than the 5am departure available from Puerto. As there is more than one departure per day, perhaps this will provide some insurance in the event that one particular ferry crossing is canceled.

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I've been told that before, I think by the rental company on Cozumel. You may be partly right about using this rule to increase rentals, but I'd suspect it has more to do with the logistics of dealing with cars ending up on the wrong side the channel and having to be ferried back home (at $53 a pop).
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