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According to map chicks great map, Playa Del Secreto is about 16 mi. norht of PDC, so walking is out of the question so it boils down to an expensive van/car rental or using the services that are available ,you have to weigh the pros & cons ie. how many times you gonna go into PDC & back, things you want to see ect then do the math & make a decision, we did & decided on using the busses, taxis, ect
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And I was just talking about the walk out from Secreto to 307. Not 16 miles but the people we've picked up on 307 looked like they had walked 16 miles. They were not overwieght (by the time they got to the highway), they looked like they had just finished a day at the Gym from hell.
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Rent a SUV or van at the airport. I found a deal for about 650 for the week. I can't remember who it was but there are plenty of deals out there on the net.
You will be happy you got the car. Not only it is a long, hot walk to the highway, you will also need to haul all your stuff, groceries, beer, ice, cooler, beach bags, etc. With a car, you will also have a safe place to keep your stuff when out and about. Most taxis will only hold 3-5 people and theres no guarantee the collectivos will have room for all you group to fit in one van. Get a map from the mapchick, rent the car and explore all the areas in the Riviera. I am an old married lady (?) who drives down there all the time.
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From what little research I've done on that area, Playa Secreto is a far cry from PDC, in terms of taxis/services available. I would defer to the woman you're renting the villa from; she has no vested interest in the car rental company, so I think she's giving you good advice.
In terms of fluid intake, I think you and your housemates will have to draw straws to pick a designated driver. Also, keep in mind that every additional driver on the car rental is an extra $5 a day, maybe more if you're not related.
Maybe two smaller cars would be the way to go. Not only so you could split into groups and do different things, but also so the DD's won't feel lonely and put upon.
That is supposed to be a lovely area. Enjoy yourself!
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A far cry indeed. Playa Secreto is a small group of houses on the beach at the end of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere (very nice if that is what you want). PdC is a town with real restaurants, hotels, paved streets and taxis.

The joke amongst the taxi drivers is that when they take people to Secreto at night. They stop part the way down the road, switch off the lights and tell the passengers they can’t go any further due to the condition of the road (very believable).

They say they do this just to see the horrified look on peoples faces, and not for the extra cash which dramatically appears out of peoples pockets as the panic sets in. (True story from a taxi driver. Told to us last spring, punctuated with bouts of hysterical laughter.)
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We stayed at Sandy's@Secreto last year. Getting to the highway would be a long walk that you wouldn't want to do often, but I doubt you'd have to wait long for a taxi (with some luck).

The taxi's will come out there (don't expect to see any already there), but it's a half-hour or more wait for them to arrive.

If you decide mid-week to rent a car (or maybe for a day or two), the rental desk at the nearby Mayan Palace will send out someone to pick you up and take you back there for the paperwork. I think it was Executive.

You'll need to get groceries, as there are no stores of any kind, but I wouldn't have them delivered. Going to the grocery store was a good part of the experience.
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Yo, Michael --

All your writings about sweaty people reminds me of water issues. Did you get my pm about the book I have to send back to you?
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Canada Dry
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Simma dah naw!

When David and I stayed at the IB Quetzal, which is only 1.5 miles from Playa, we never considered walking it. It was too darn hot!!

And no, Rissask, not all North Americans are "so bloody fat". Many of us don't tolerate that kind of heat very well (me included), and the last thing I want on my vacation is heat stroke!

<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

Okay, okay're right..not ALL...just 60% of us!

For the record, I DID say she should likely rent a car.
Having to carry groceries and stuff in is a good enough reason. But I just personally never found the walk from the coast to the highway to be a long one....but then again, I walk a lot.

I may be on vacation Scott but I see being active as a lifestyle choice not a negative thing. :p Difference in perspective, is all.
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