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That was awesome Bump. I'm still a newbie with a few more posts. I have brought up stuff that has already been gone over a thousand times I'm sure. As do most newbies. But as you read, and post you get to know people, and they you, and the intimidation level decreases. And I must say, when you get a response or acknowledgment to a thread or question the first time, it's pretty cool. I know more now about Playa and it's Peeps now than I did a month ago, and the same applies from that point to a month prior.

I'm still a new kid, so I don't have the "Another Newbie question" mentality. I hope I never do. In fact, sometimes when I think I'm talking with someone new, They in fact know more about Playa than I do by far!

I enjoy everyone's input on so many issues across the board. And try to contribute something in return. Even if it's just a good laugh.
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