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Originally Posted by ToofarNorth View Post
What I have done is find the folks that inspire you and add them to your contact list so if you need to look for a post that you liked or thought funny you can find it a little easier. example I plan on getting some Nerak beads before our trip but had a hard time remembering where so I've added her to my contact list so I can find her when I'm ready to order some.
Oh, I'm usually not too far away or difficult to find. Usually hanging around annoying someone, someplace, in some sophomoric way.

Just be sure you don't ask me any stupid newbie questions when you order your beads. That really pisses off the monkeys and it makes it more difficult for me to get them out of the hot tub and back to work.

BTW.... the above was a joke. Probably not a very clever joke, but the best I could come up with at this time of night.

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