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Originally Posted by January Guy View Post
As someone who would be accused of recently picking on newbies, here are my thoughts. As Bumper says, if we are not nice to them, they may never come back, and we don't want that. At the same time, if we answer every single question that is asked and don't encourage them to use the search function and explore a bit before asking any old question, we lower the quality of the board. Every repetitive question bumps another perhaps more valuable thread down the board and perhaps out of cursory eyesight.

Perhaps the following is a solution. Let's say hypothetically (or not) newbie asks a question regarding using dollars or pesos and there are already 2 other threads going on regarding that topic. We could just say, "Use pesos and get them at an ATM when you are in Mexico. By the way, not sure if you knew but we have an awesome search function (insert link to Babaloo's tutorial) where you can also get answers to questions like this if you choose. Welcome aboard!"

How's that?


P.S. I believe we should still be allowed to be mean to newbies who tell our regulars that they are telling lies like mr water temperature dude.
I keep hearing you use the phrase it is going to "lower the quality of the board". Not sure what that means? When someone wants to find info about maybe their first vacation they may google Playa del Carmen and up pops Playainfo. If they ask a question I understand it may be frustrating for some but when a 'seasoned' or junior peep politely directs them to the wealth of info on the search function that should be enough. The thread keeps getting bumped up by all the responses of 'why don't you use the search function', then everyone has to bicker about it. I really thought Bump put alot of thought into his thread and all it is all very true.
All I know is if its your first time to Playa (or not even your first time,)months before you go you start to read every possible forum and thread about the place because you are so excited. Everyone I think has felt some of that. For some people it take alot of guts to up and ask a question on a forum, they may have been long time lurkers. Its disappointing to be shot down with a smart a*** answer. That imo is lowers the quality of the board.

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