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Originally Posted by Tracielynn View Post
I keep hearing you use the phrase it is going to "lower the quality of the board". Not sure what that means?
Ideally, we would like to avoid having multiple threads about the same topic, with the same answers, over and over. Instead, each topic covered in one thread is the goal. The advantages in finding, updating and maintaining quality information are obvious.

This is a common desire of most forums. If one Googles forum rules, forum decorum, netiquette, .... a common set of guidelines will become apparent. In a nutshell: Don't flame, don't spam, use the search.

Just like in real life, getting along is a two-way street. Hosts treat their guests well, guests behave according to the expected norms (on this site, they are posted in an announcement, and each new member must agree to abide by them and confirm having read them during the sign-up process)

Originally Posted by Tracielynn View Post
If they ask a question I understand it may be frustrating for some but when a 'seasoned' or junior peep politely directs them to the wealth of info on the search function that should be enough. The thread keeps getting bumped up by all the responses of 'why don't you use the search function', then everyone has to bicker about it.
Are you still seeing this happening? We've really tried to eliminate it (I used to be very guilty of this).
Originally Posted by Tracielynn View Post
For some people it take alot of guts to up and ask a question on a forum, they may have been long time lurkers. Its disappointing to be shot down with a smart a*** answer. That imo is lowers the quality of the board.
Agreed. Please report the post!
Originally Posted by Bryzee View Post
I enjoyed your OP Bumper...

I do enjoy this forum...most of the time..My only beef is "seniors' that regularly hijack threads [some that started off bieng quite interesting]
to just have a very private and personal conversation with another buddy on here. It happens all the time! I get know each love each be it, but some of you could be a little more respectful'
And then there are the peeps that post.....just to increase their post tally....or so it seems.

dos pesos,
Yeah, it's like having to sit through commercials. I don't think it's anything endemic to this site, it's just how humans are. We have a handy smilie you can use but it's probably best just to move on if it is bothersome.

This forum has grown beyond our wildest expectations (over 1.25 million posts to date) and while our moderation team is extraordinary (we're hoping that despite the tough economic times, we will be able to avoid any lay-offs) they cannot possibly spot everything that is out-of-plumb. Please help us out. Use this button to report any post for any reason.
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