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Well, to be honest, although there are genuinely a lot of very nice people on this forum, there almost appears to be some elitism or something prevailing with some.

I read the "Money" thread and to be honest there are some people out there who feel the need to make some (boring) sarcastic remarks toward newbie's answering "silly" questions, thinking they are funny. They really aren't. As if they are the PDC guru and anyone who asks about how cold the pool water is should be pelted with sarcasm. For some people, it may be the first time they have ever planned a trip (or even been on an airplane) and they may not be as "search" savvy as many of us. Or like someone else mentioned, it is their way to assimilate into this forum.

Really, if it bothers people that much, then when you see "money", "weather", "pool temp", etc threads, just don't view them...pretty simple.

"it's probably best just to move on if it is bothersome."

Someone else kind enough can answer or point the OP to related threads and then that's it.

And to say that these posts diminish the quality of the forum, I completely disagree. This forum probably gets a large number of new viewers everyday and if all the posts are just specifically related to people who have been coming to PDC regularly, they just may find the forum not very informative to their needs.

I don't know why I wrote this, but it really bothered me about the tone of some of the sarcastic remarks made in regards to "silly" posts.
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