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Originally Posted by autobahn View Post
I don't know why I wrote this, but it really bothered me about the tone of some of the sarcastic remarks made in regards to "silly" posts.
The reason you wrote this is obvious to me. You feel a degree of frustration and a certain amount of annoyance at how things sometimes develop. Perfectly understandable. So do we all. It's rarely done with any malicious intent, as I'm sure you're perceptive enough to realize. But we're only mortals, after all, and we're trying to get better. Please forgive us our human frailties. It's never going to be perfect, but I think we can all resolve to try to make it better. I have now preached tolerance, patience, and restraint. Hopefully, I can take my own advice, but I dunno'.....feet of clay, and all that.
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