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Originally Posted by autobahn View Post
And to say that these posts diminish the quality of the forum, I completely disagree.

As if they are the PDC guru and anyone who asks about how cold the pool water is should be pelted with sarcasm.
A couple people questioned my "diminish the quality of the forum comment" and although you saw James' response, here is my brief explanation of why I keep saying it. When I go to the forum, I'll click on General - Playa Del Carmen section and scan maybe the first 15 thread topics for something interesting, some people may scan more but I imagine many people take a similar high-level look like I do. If people kept asking the same questions over and over again (like having 3 peso related threads going on at the same time), it may be interesting for brand-new newbies, but it would get boring very quickly for even them and I, like many others I imagine, would get disinterested in the forum. If people search more, it keeps the first topics that appear much more interesting to a broader audience.

Regarding your second comment above, people will get upset if you make comments like that which are unfortunately false. Your comment above says that we pelted someone who asked how cold the water was. If you read that thread, you'd see that he got very gracious answers until he basically called our forum members liars.

Kind of interesting as sarcasm is fairly heavy on the board, sometimes even when responding to newbies, but this is one of the first times I personally used sarcasm and it really stirred up a hornets nest. But, if it raises the quality of the board (some of you are now barfing I know) and helps people get along better, I'm okay with that.

In the end, James' opinion is the one that counts and he has asked us to do 2 things. Newbies = search more. Regulars = don't admonish them when they don't search. I will do my part and hope others will do the same.
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