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Ahhhh, this drives me crazy. Everytime this happens, my father-in-law makes a special point to call me and tell me that he's worried about us going to PDC. (And he's even been to and walked around PDC with us.) Thats like telling someone to not visit the USA because there is drug related crime/murders happening in north St. Louis City. For 95% of the readers of this site, we won't be going anywhere near the border od the US and Mexico where most of this crime is happening. As for the drug related crime in the Riveara Maya, that seems to be targeted events, such as the PDC police chief event. He was targeted because of his opposition to the drug trafficers. So, our individual risks of having a violent crime happen to us in PDC is very very low. Your chances of having an vacation related problem such as theft of a camera, or a bodily injury from a trip or fall is much higher than the violent crime potential. Last year on our flight home, a couple's 20 something daughter got on the plane with a cast on her foot, a stage light had suddenly fallen off the bars (in Cancun) stage lighting and fell on her foot as she and her brother sat at a table watching the band play. (FWI, The couple said the Bar owner was extremely applogetic and covered all the medical bills in cash and told them to send any medical bill incured back in the US, to him and he would pay those too.) Somethings you can't predict or prevent, but you can cut down your risk level tremedously.

So, while on vacation I will work to control the possibilities that I can. I will watch my kids like a hawk around the pool and the ocean, I will not drink too much, I will stay on or very near 5th ave., I will lock-up and hide my valubles, I will try to eat and drink things that are from a reliable source, and I will use my common sense when ever possible. I will not let such advisories intimidate me to cancel my vacation nor will I worry about things I can't control at all. I reccomend the same for all those that may be intimidated by such warnings.

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