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Originally Posted by Chicago Sean View Post
I get it and agree with you.

I just don't want to miss the opportunity to use the forum to alert visitors to "real" activities so they can better protect themselves.

I have always found Playa to be incredibly safe. I am always traveling with my head on a swivel but find myself relaxed while in Playa.
Well there are certainly dangers. But then again, there are dangers wherever you are/go, too. Unfortunately there are a combination of factors that make thing sound worse than they are, here, I think.

One is lack of distinction as to geographic areas or recognition of distances and so on. We experienced this when living in Japan: we'd be in the far west/south (Nagaski) and there'd be a relatively minor earthquake, or even a bigger earthquake, in the central part of the country or even farther away. Back in the US or Mexico, however, the reports were of an earthquake in Japan and that was all anybody needed to hear before they were calling to ask if we were OK. Sometimes they even knew there had been an earthquake somewhere in the country before we did, and we'd find out from their call. Japan was Japan was Japan -- all the same place, and presumably a very small place, indeed, for them. Same here with Mexico: it could happen in Tijuana or Cabo but people will read that it happened in Mexico and they'll be worried about Playa.

Another I think is the unfortunately ongoing undercurrent of thought that Mexico is sort of more or less still in a sort of wild wild west phase, just in general, which obviously can only add to the fear. I mean, probably we all know people who, long before anything like the recent reports came out, expressed concern or even just outright fear about the idea of travelling to Mexico.

And still another is that people do avoid recognition of the dangers around them in their own country/city every day, just to avoid the psychological stress that would cause them. So a plane crashes or goes down in a river or a guy goes crazy around Christmas and starts shooting at his ex-wife and her family and even kids or another shooting is on the news where 2-3 people were injured or maybe killed, and these things get perhaps brief attention but then are buried or forgotten. But reports of violence between narcotraficantes and police here, or of a death, whether by drowning or by murder, at a resort here, sticks in people's minds and they get more worried about those things, even if they're happening less frequently than crime or accidents at home.

That's my take, anyway. FWIW.

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