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Great map! A lot of really good info you can't really get elsewhere. I know these things are very hard to put together but I have a couple of suggestion to make the map a little more user friendly.

First: A search function would be great. There are places that I hear about on the board or elsewhere and they are a little hard to locate on the map. Highlighting over each point can be time consuming.

Second: The old directory had blurb about each place listed. That would be cool to see on this. Maybe some contact info or a website link would be nice to have. I know this would be very time consuming as there are many places on the map.

Third: Directions would be super nice. If you could put in point A and point B and get directions, distance, etc. Google maps doesn't seem to want to give directions in Playa and it would be nice to have to not get lost and better tell whether a taxi or walking would be better. I'm not sure how feasible this is but it would be very cool.

I hate to seem like I am harping on the maps or being to critical because I really think it is great. However, I just thought I should give my two cents on improving it. I'm sure these things would be very difficult to add. Anyway, thanks for putting this up and providing so much great information about Playa. I have never been and I already feel like I know the city and region well. Again thanks so much!
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