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Originally Posted by Shammy
Uhhh, speak for yourself! I could never afford the amount of shampoo it would take to keep that guy smelling fresh as a daisy!
He doesn't wash that hair, silly!!

Originally Posted by Shammy
Now Mitch on the otherhand.......... ...

Originally Posted by TAPPY
Was he a cutie ??????
Well, I didn't see him close up, but his hair was beautiful. Long, pretty dreadlocks down to his waist. He looked very nice from where I was! Someone must have a picture of him. I don't know what I didn't take one! Shammy, ya got one? Mitch said on one of the tours he was hanging from a palm tree doing stretches. Wow, who saw that?!!
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Naked guy hanging from a palm tree doing stretches !!! now that is what I call a photo op !!!!!

We (gals and guys too if they are so inclined) need to starting collecting photos for our "Guys of playa" video !!!!!
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Hola Amigos y Amigas!! The whirlwind post-Playa ordeal is finally winding down and I actually have time to make a post, sorry for taking so long

It was great meeting everyone at Festivus! Special thanks to Shams for taking the time to organize the shindig! I didn't think I was gonna make it, I had sprained my ankle earlier in the day hiking around a cenote near my hotel ( It's STILL swollen up). Thank god for liquid pain killer (Rum and cokes)

I really enjoyed Meeting everyone! Cerveza Dude, Huey, great chattin with ya guys! Sarah....didn't get to chat with you too much but enjoyed the lil bit we did. Paula and Mike, was great meeting you, Paula....your too funny girl!:p How's Mike enjoying coming out of retirement?....hehehe.... Was good to meet James also! Folks and shop owners I talked too had nothing but good things to say about James, Anna , and Playadelcarmeninfo

I was pretty miffed that the pics I took came out unfocused......Either a case of figuring out the new camera, or a case of too many was the camera

Mrs Sideways and compadres were whining about the Wind and the $6.50 rum and cokes ( I was a lil shocked by that price tag too) That was why I kept being "directed" to accompany them to the Tequila Barrel

Thanks again Shams for the great evening!! It was great running into you again at Tulum also! It seemed like everyone had tons 'o fun!

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way into it
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Let's get ready for next year

Hey Peeps! Even though our time had ended for this year, I am already getting ready for next year! Hope to see you all again in 2006!

Glad to see you made it home safe HighlyFab (Jen & Brian!) Had an awesome time hanging with you guys!

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way into it
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Hi Shammy, et al!

It was very nice to meet you, and I'm sorry we didn't get to stick around long.

It was our first night in town and my husband could not be persuaded to stay once he found out the beer was warm! (Easy to see where his priorities lie! :p )

So, we set out in search of icy cerveza and drinkable vino.

It looked like everyone was having a great time, and I am sure the napkin-folding was a smashing success.

Glad everyone made it back safely, and I am sooo wishing for a mojito and some chips and guacamole or salsa right now...

Hasta luego!
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