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Old 03-15-2005   #1 (permalink)
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Majahual... Is it worth it?

We want to see more this april... We saw already, Isla mujeres, Cozumel, Tulum, Chitchen Itza, Coba, Valladolid, Cancun, Merida, PDC (naturally) ...

So we have planned to go to Cozumel again and Cancun, we want to visit Puerto Morelos and I was looking on the map and saw Muyil, and Majahual...

Does anybody went there??? Tell me about it... I know that is far away, but can we stay there easily for a night? Is it safe with a 2 years old? We don't want to sleep on the beach...

And what about the monkey farm...

Or do you have any other suggestions???

Thanks! ONCE AGAIN!!!

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I've been to Mahahual. I didn't stay overnight but I noticed there were a couple of hotels.

I think it's worth a visit. Still a very small, quiet town with virgin beaches.

You could also visit lake Bacalar, Cenote Azul (near Bacalar) and Chetumal (don't miss the Mayan Museum).
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Funny you mentioned Majahual! I just got this newsletter from a cruise company. Not sure what it's worth to you but it's about Mujahaul so I figured I'd share:

"This week, I'm writing from the Internet center of the Grand Princess, docked in Majahual, Mexico, about 200 miles south of Cancun. We spent the day biking and kayaking along the sunny Costa Maya, and tomorrow it's zip-lining across the jungle canopy in Belize.

If there's a shortage of kids in Texas this week, don't worry, I've found them on this spring-break sailing from Galveston.

Majahual is a tiny fishing village with friendly people and natural beauty. By the pier, there are new shops and bars, but beyond the port's gates, en route to the ocean-front main street of the village itself, there is heart-wrenching poverty.

The cruise industry is the big game in town, and money is being invested with the hope that Majahual will be the "next Cancun", which sprang from almost nothing to become a world class resort area in only three decades. For that to happen, tourists who first visited by sea must be enticed to return for a land-based vacation, and on the merits of that proposition, the jury is still out.

In fact, it is the growth of the cruise industry and overcrowding in all the popular Western Caribbean ports that is driving the development of Majahual. The cruise lines need a viable new port in the region, and the Mexican government wants a new tourist destination in the pipeline. Almost everyone here has a job that revolves around the daily infusion of cruise passengers--and cash--into the local economy. I hope the infusion continues.

As my son and I peddled down a sandy coastal road, we passed many dilapidated houses, one of which was apparently the local pre-K or daycare. Inside a fence, there were perhaps 20 small, barefoot children playing in the dirt. They were oblivious to the taxis and trucks that passed, and to the continuous clouds of dust that filled the yard. But as our convoy of bikes rolled by, the children ran to the wire fence to wave "Hola", a heartfelt greeting that we gladly returned.

Life is changing here, some would say for the worse, but I think for the better. From this hard-scrabble beginning, may something good come to the children of Majahual".

Specializing in all inclusive vacations!
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way into it
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definitely go to mahahual, lake bacalar and cenote azul! the water is so beautiful! i wish i had my pics developed because i could show you what it looked like.
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Old 03-16-2005   #5 (permalink)
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Thanks to all... Shammy what a coincidence...

It will be on our list of things to do...

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Hi Rafi,

Majahual and the area south of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere are definitely worth it. For Majahual, if you don't like crowds, try to time your visit to when the cruise ships are not in town. You'll get a much more authentic feeling for the area. The population can increase by the thousands if there are several ships at port.

There’s been lots of development in the area so finding a nice spot, perhaps a little outside of the village, shouldn’t be a problem. The beach is great and, so long as the waves aren’t too rough, will be a nice spot for a 2 yr old.

There's great info on the Costa Maya area, including lots of accommodation options, at:

Have a great trip.
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I loved Majahual! My avatar is actually from our day spent there (hate to admit it, but we were one of those cruisers!). Had a $20 half hour massage on the beach that was wonderful and others in our party went horseback riding for the same price. There is a reef a short ways offshore, so the beaches aren't quite as nice as Playa ... there is a lot of sea grass. Other than that, we thoroughly enjoyed our day and definitely would love to return.

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