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Originally Posted by jmac View Post
Winnipeg is getting murders & vicious stabbings right & left almost daily!!! Babies included, it's insane here!!!

I heard about those two recent cases...that is terrible.

Both Winnipeg and S'toon sure have big native gang's one thing when they are 'just' killing each other, but when innocent children start dying, different story.

Don and I were thinking of going to Roatan in March...then we hear today about the man from here in our town of Martensville (ten mins north of Saskatoon) who was shot protecting his wife from armed robbers. Did you hear about them? He is the second Saskatoon man to be murdered on the island in 6 months! Considering we average only 6 murders a year in Saskatoon....and they were both innocent victims of violence, that is concerning, IMO.

I looked it up, and here is the travel advisory to Roatan...okay, so maybe we won't be going there.

Maybe Cozumel and Playa again?!!
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