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The final line of the article:

"The only thing Zeke's parents know is certain, is their family will never travel to Mexico again."

I completely understand and respect his family's opinion and would probably come to the same conclusion if this happened to one of my kids. But the issue in this case was not at all that the kid was in Mexico, it was that he got bombed and made a very unwise decision to sleep outside.

Stuff like this can happen anywhere, as we all say...

I teach at a very community-oriented small college in central Minnesota. I'd venture to say it is one of the safest spots in all of America. But, just one month ago, a student in one of my classes was walking home from the bar and got mugged and beaten unconscious.

But of course, does the beating of my student make the news? No. But the beating in Mexico does. Why? Hell of a good question. Maybe because the beating happened in Mexico and the media has a fascination with publicizing violence in Mexico.
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