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My bro and sister in law are going to Playa in a week. They did a lot of stuff last time, but I told them the #1 thing they missed out on was Carboncitos. I saw them today and made sure to remind them of that. They are on board, and will be moreso after this new news!

Carboncitos is an awesome place for dinner, but frankly this happy hour also makes it an awesome place to stop before dinner, or for a very light meal if you don't want to get filled up before drinking.

Just think, show up on a Thursday/Saturday around 5, have a bucket of beers or a couple margies, a couple tacos, and a platter of chips/salsa, and then hit bad boys from 6-9. Hit La Pummarola for a personal pizza on your way to El Bar for a night cap. Would make for a perfect evening.

Matter of fact, I think that will be my schedule next time in town.

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