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Originally Posted by snappysammy View Post
woot woot X a gazillion

and btw, sorry i missed you today
after seeing the foto of the enfrijoladas i knew i had to eat that
we went today and shared an order
little did i imagine it could be better than my already elevated expectations
we went to heaven on resurrection day, yummmmmmmmynummmmmmerz
and anna is everything the others say, a lovely and attentive server
we love carboncitos and the beautiful anna and will be back for margas and tacos until we are cut off

thanks russell
you and your place are treasures of playa del carmen
the debate about el fogon or carboncitos is officially over, full stop
Dear Snappysammy,
For years now, I've been reading to our staff what people write about us; the good, the bad and the ugly. Today, these folks absorbed your words like a pep talk from Vince Lombardi. They are the ones that prepare it and put it on the table, I am merely a cog in the wheel. I am proud to work with these fine people and felt great pride sharing your feedback.
From all of us, thank you for taking the time to so eloquently share your experience.
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