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Wink The "correct" form of the verb..In NC!

Excerpts from the Hickbonics/English dictionary:

HEIDI - (noun) -Greeting.
Usage: "Heidi, y'all"

HIRE YEW - Complete sentence. Remainder of greeting.
Usage: "Heidi, Hireyew?"

BARD - (verb) - Past tense of the infinitive "to borrow."
Usage: "My brother bard my pickup truck."

JAWJUH - (noun) - The State north of Florida. Capitol is Lanner.
Usage:"My brother from Jawjuh bard my pickup truck."

BAMMER - (noun) - The State west of Jawjuh. Capitol is Berminhayum.
Usage: "A tornader jes went through Bammer an' left $20,000,000 in

MUNTS - (noun) - A calendar division.
Usage: "My brother from Jawjuh bard my pickup truck, and I ain't
herd from him in munts."

THANK - (verb) - Ability to cognitively process.
Usage: "Ah thank ah'll have a bare."

BARE - (noun) - An alcoholic beverage made of barley, hops, and
Usage: "Ah thank ah'll have a bare."

IGNERT - (adjective) - Not smart. See "Arkansas native."
Usage: "Them bammer boys sure are ignert!"

RANCH - (noun) - A tool used for tight'nin' bolts.
Usage: "I thank I left my ranch in the back of that pickup truck
my brother from Jawjuh bard a few munts ago."

ALL - (noun) - A petroleum-based lubricant.
Usage: "I sure hope my brother from Jawjuh puts all in my pickup

FAR - (noun) - A conflagration.
Usage: "If my brother from Jawjuh don't change the all in my pickup
truck, that thing's gonna catch far."

TAR - (noun) - A rubber wheel.
Usage: "Gee, I hope that brother of mine from Jawjuh don't git a
flat tar in my pickup truck."

TIRE - (noun) - A tall monument.
Usage: "Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I sure do hope to
see that Eiffel Tire in Paris sometime."

RETARD - (verb) - To stop working.
Usage: "My grampaw retard at age 65."

FAT - (noun), (verb) - a battle or combat; to engage in battle or
combat.Usage: "You younguns keep fat'n, n' ah'm gonna whup y'uh."

RATS - (noun) - Entitled power or privilege.
Usage: "We Southerners are willin' to fat for are rats."

FARN - (adjective) - Not domestic.
Usage: "I cuddint unnerstand a wurd he sed..must be from some farn

DID - (adjective) - Not alive.
Usage: "He's did, Jim."

EAR - (noun) - A colorless, odorless gas: Oxygen.
Usage: "He cain't breathe...give 'im some ear!"

BOB WAR - (noun) - A sharp, twisted cable.
Usage: "Boy, stay away from that bob war fence."

HERE - (noun) and (verb) contraction.
Usage: "Jew here that my brother from Jawjuh got a job with that
bob war fence cump'ny?"

HAZE - a contraction.
Usage: "Is Bubba smart?" "Nah...haze ignert. He ain't thanked but
a minnit'nis laf."

SEED - (verb) - past tense of "to see".
Usage: "I seed whar they opened the new bob war factory."

VIEW - contraction: (verb) and pronoun.
Usage: "I ain't never seed New York City...view?"

GUBMINT - (noun) - A bureaucratic institution.
Usage: "Them gubmint boys shore is ignert.
"One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world."
~Gautama Buddha
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playa maya guy

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You might could learn yourself somethin' from all that.

I reckon.

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playa maya guy

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You could also learn a lot from Dizzy Dean, one of the all-time greats at "creative" use of the language (so much so that parents got upset when he became a broadcaster, in fact). Some good ones I remember reading about are

They woulda got him at second but he slud.
The docs X-rayed my head and found nothing.
I ain't what I used to be, but who the hell is?
and of course the truly valuable
It ain't braggin' if you back it up.
I believe he often used throwed as a past tense form, as well, and even tried to defend his use of slud as having some special meaning distinct from slid.

Ah, yes, and he definitely used throwed, I just rememebered, in another classic. I believe he pitched a 1-hitter in the opener of a double-header and then his brother Paul "Daffy" Dean (the serious one, they say -- !!!) pitched a no-hitter, and Dizzy later quipped something like

Well if I'd known [knowed?] Paul was gonna throw a no-hitter, I'd a throwed one, too!
If not then that's at least in keeping with the spirit of the comment and his style.


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