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Originally Posted by Russell View Post
First, I spent 2 weeks convincing my guys that it's okay to make our delicious house margaritas strong and tasty - like always - and serve them for only 25 Pesos. The guys are so ready and excited you'd think they've been drinking margaritas!

Then I surprised them by announcing we'll be serving 2 for 1 Tacos Al Pastor. Ha ha! You shoulda heard 'em, "but Russell, we'll be cheaper than those guys across town, EVERYONE'S going to come!" Bwaaaa!!! Exactamundo! That means for 3 hours a day a taco al pastor is only 5.5 Pesos each! - of course you'll have 2 as no one can eat just 1 - otherwise it wouldn't be 2 for 1

But wait . . . there's more! Not everyone drinks margaritas, S O O O O O O . . . For the beer lovers we're hitting you with Buckets of Beer for only 120 Pesos! That's right ninos and ninas, this is the REAL DEAL BUCKET. . . we're talking 6 beers packed in a bucket of ice for YOUR drinking pleasure!!! My calculator tells ME that that's only 20 Pesos a beer - and our accountant is now officially steaming!!!! Can I get a WOOT-WOOT!!

But, but wait!!!! . . . . mailman whispers in my ear: {huh? really? Dang it!} Sorry folks, we wanted to give you copies of Slim Whitman's greatest hits (more #1 singles than Elvis and The Beatles combined!), but it turns out they were delivered somewhere else.

Okay; so let us review:

That's right Cool Kats, 7 days a week until we say so . . . Swing by after the beach and take advantage of these great specials!

See you there!

Just arrived yesterday! What a great deal Russell!! Im bringing a few hungry appetites with me. Looking forward to your pumpkin seed salsa, tacos al pastor and a few buckets of beer to wash it all down with! See you this week!!
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