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Old 07-02-2005   #1 (permalink)
Allah Akhbar
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Hey what

What do yall think of the US. Supreme Courts decision the other day to allow our towns,cities and state to take land from one private citizen and give it to another, as long as the government benefits from this, such as more taxes etc?

As for myself I think that if the US. Congress and our President don't make an ammendment to this we are about to become another third world country.
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my own peon

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well Stogey, you were out on the road er somethin, so I had to grab the bull by the balls and run w/ it.... look here

weed will soon be legal in the U.S.
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I can't get too much into the details, but my husband is a Real Estate attorney, and he is so alarmed at the different ways that the right to own and protect property is coming under fire. It is such a big part of the American Dream, and the premier way most "under" classes move up the ladder ... scary stuff when you think anyone could yank it out from under you.
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¡No mames güey!
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Well, Stogey, I think they have to pay for the land, which is a wee bit different than just taking it.

Other than that, I do not know enough about that particular case to make a judgement about it, but I am not ready to head for the mountains and hook up with Che and Fidel yet.

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Originally Posted by roni
but I am not ready to head for the mountains and hook up with Che and Fidel yet.
Really don't want to hook up with Che just yet!
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