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We have traveled through South America, from Buenos Aires, Chile, up through Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela on two seperate occasions, all overland using local buses and staying in town hostels and guest houses.

We've also traveled through Central America on numerous occasions.

We've always travelled with caution wherever we've been and not really let our guard down too much unless we've been in the place for long enough to judge the situation.

We lived in London for many years, and I have been beaten up once, mugged once, and had countless near assaults. When we move around in London, we're always aware of where we are and the people around us. This attitude, we take with us wherever we go.

We have had a couple of scary incidents in Latin America, but nothing that would stop us returning to those places.

Last September we journeyed down through the coastal side of western Mexico by car, again staying in small hostels and guest houses, and we had no problem. We've been throughout this region and across the yucatan and again, no problem.

To be safe is really a mute point, nobody's safe really, anywhere, and if someone who is reading this is expecting to be cossetted by warm words of encouragement about Mexico, you won't find any. There are murders and kidnappings, that's clear to see, but thankfully the risk is minimal while the coverage is sensational.

Mexico is a wonderful country with wonderful people that needs to be explored. You need to come here with an open mind, warm heart and some street sense.

And learn some Spanish
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