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It's all over the german news that a 32 year old german dive instructor died in PdC on sunday while getting his house ready. He did touch a power supply line with a drilling machine and was instantly dead. Don't know who he is though, they didn't give a name.

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livin' the dream
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We have a limited report from the north end of Playa. We got through to our manager on his cell phone this morning. Our hotel (the Zanzibar) on Calle 26 between 5th Avenue & 10th Avenue escaped without any damage. Our palapas didn't even get damaged. It sounds like our central garden got a little messed up, that's all. Dennis tells us that his home & the homes of our staff also survived with minimal problems. The entire staff was at work at 9:00 this morning. He said that the whole area around the hotel, being Calle 26 & the intersections with 10th & 5th Avenue, all seems to have survived without damage. He said there were a lot of tree limbs in the streets, but nothing more in that area. If anyone has specific questions about addresses or businesses, please feel free to PM us and we will ask Dennis if he can check it out for you.
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Just talked to a woman we frequently rent from who owns a top floor condo at Las Palmas on 10th and 26th. The caretakers boarded up all the windows and had no damage. Some water in the condo, probably from under the doors etc but they just need to make sure it's not from the roof top pool. A palm fell on their jeep but that was the worst of it.

She's not in the area and was wondering if anyone has any info on Mamitas and Tukan. I'm sure the path is flooded. It flooded last year during the trop depression so much so that they couldn't open for a couple of days. fingers crossed!

Thanks for all the informative reports.
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Update from another board on the RIU Palace:

3)"I spoke to my sister at Riu Palace at 7 this morning. A 8 ton navigation buoy is on the beach. Water invaded the first floor rooms. The huge glass above the lobby bar is broken. All vegetation is stripped. They are taking pictures"

My wife and I are schedule to go this next week and we can't decide if we should chance it or out.
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Our house (rental) is in Pakal, Phase 2, Playacar and did not sustain much damage. No broken windows (all taped and barricaded with mattresses) but lots of missing roof tiles. Many trees, tree limbs and other debris blocking roads and driveways. No injuries to dog, cat or fish. Looking forward to getting back. I feel a little strange being here in the states while all this is going on.
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Hi, I received a report from our builder/developer at Porto Playa: 1st ave at calle 14
He reported Villas Sacbe condo building received no damage. Porto Playa construction
will resume today staying ahead of schedule and the the crane remained perfectly intact.He said some of the older palapas will need repair. The good news is the Yucatan region sustained a category 4 hurricane with no fatalities or major deconstruction
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Got this today in my travel agent associated emails from Vacation Express;


July 18, 2005, 6:00 p.m. EDT

Flights are operating but delays on northbound flights expected.

Due to the rescheduling of aircraft to effect the rescue operations in Cancun today, we anticipate a delay of about 4 hours on the northbound flights from our Sanford hub this evening. Unfortunately, this will impact returning passengers from Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, as well as Cancun.

At this time details remains sketchy about the resorts along the southern Mayan coastline. Tourists in the Riviera Maya area are currently being returned to their respective hotels following earlier evacuation to shelters as a precaution. All efforts are being made to restore electricity and water to affected areas as quickly as possible. Bottled water and food and other vital provisions are well stocked and are being distributed. The area north of Playa del Carmen seems to be in relatively good shape with debris clean-up and some minor repairs underway, and with business as usual expected by the end of the week. It appears that the hotels in and around the Playa del Carmen area are reporting mixed reviews - some seem to be in good shape, with very little damage, while others are reporting more serious issues. Clearly the resorts south of Playa del Carmen have sustained the most severe damage from broken glass to water leaks to the obvious clean-up of the pool and beach areas. Power lines and communication lines are reported down in some areas, and all hotels are still evaluating their property damage. We understand that the Cozumel airport is scheduled to reopen late Monday, but the island is currently without power in many areas and most hotels are still assessing the damage and evaluating what needs to be done. We do know that the Cozumel Palace is in good shape and will reopen today, July 18.

For clients scheduled to travel to the Riviera Maya and Cozumel beginning Thursday of this week, we will be in touch regarding alternate arrangements as the situation warrants.
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No electricity or water in Playa as of 5:45 MDT...

...Just talked to a friend of ours who is there.
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Barcelo Maya news

We have friends that were due to leave the states today to go there for a week. The hotel finally called them today and told them all is well but no electricity or power. Apparently everyone has a bucket outside their rooms that are being emptied frequently.
But, i bet you've already heard from her by now.
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Barcelo Maya

I just called my friend again who had the news from the Barcelo. She said they actually talked to the office in FL, but that the hotel had no structural damage and that it would be up and running to capacity in 78 hours. I'm sure your daughter is fine, just not able to get in touch with you yet.
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Originally Posted by donquintana
Hello James and all others down there,
I hope this question qualifies to post...does anyone know how the Chac Ha condos across street from Reef Club handled the storm? We have guests staying in our condo there and can't get through to ask them if they are Okay. Thanks , Don
I just got of the phone with friends that own Condo Chango in that development and they said that there is power and that they did not recieve any damage, just alot of downed trees and debris around. Hope that helps~

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way into it
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Originally Posted by roni
Donde esta Susie Q Roo??
Roni - Susie drove 30 miles inland last I heard and said she'd be in touch as soon as it was over. I don't have her cell number; I only have her home phone and that's not working. She'll be writing soon, I'm sure.
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this was posted on another board re: tulum //zamas ... We heard from the owner of Zamas that Emily didn't do that much damage since they did not have very much water surging. She said, "Of course there was some damage but nothing like we thought we might have. .....Guests are back in rooms today (after a thorough cleaning) and restaurant will be open tonight!"
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And away from the coast in the heart of the great state of Yucatan. The hurricane was not that intense as it approached Merida. My mother-in-law only lost one fruit tree. The houses on her lot are all ok.

Originally Posted by aligarcia
Roni - Susie drove 30 miles inland last I heard and said she'd be in touch as soon as it was over. I don't have her cell number; I only have her home phone and that's not working. She'll be writing soon, I'm sure.
There has been no answer from Susie’s cell phone all day. Perhaps her phone needs to be recharged.

Originally Posted by Susan39
Does anyone know if Playa has electricity at this time?
The electric company is switching on the power area by area so they can fix any faults that show up. Playacar phase 2 got its power back at 11:30am.

Originally Posted by knoaker
No electricity or water in Playa as of 5:45 MDT...
I don’t think the electricity comment is true for all of Playa. That is unless the situation deteriorated during the day. Of-course if the city water pumps don’t have power there is no water. If you are talking about Xpu Ha then that may be very different from Playa.
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What an intense night that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A jump out of your skin, thundering, pounding, rattling, scraping, hammering, swirling, howling torment!

Even the building was vibrating.

We got power back tonight (Constituyentes area), although as I write, the lights are flickering. I checked at Steve's hotel to be told he's OK. Otherwise that's all I know so far.

We had strong defences with our only outward facing window boarded up.
I used large wooden posts braced against the front door. They held admirably as it took a punishing.

Damage - we only got two pillows wet that were on the floor (lucky us)! Outside in the courtyard the tallest palm cracked off and fell down in the middle missing all the windows. The pool looks very grim today. Even though we're on the second floor (near 20th Ave) we could smell sea water in the room. The wind pushed brackish water and leaves through the gaps in the door like a garden hose. We spent two hours in the thick of the storm soaking up the water that got through our towel dams. It did keep our minds occupied while war waged outside. We must have used 20 towels in rotation to the shower to try and wring them out to use immediately. We located ourselves in a central hall area away from all windows with easy access to other rooms. I couldn't risk going near the door from the blasts it was receiving so I had to throw towels at the base from a distance. Start to finish lasted several hours, the worst part was around 1am to 2.30am and we finally got to bed at 5am, then it was just like a nasty strong storm, which in comparison felt quite peaceful.

Flooding was the main problem and damage to plants.

The vacant plot in front of us which was full of trees and plants looks like a large strimmer has done its work. A similar plot one block back looks fine.

We took a walk around 5th, 10th and the beach. Generally it was much better than we expected. Locals and council workers were very quick to start cleaning up and pruning damaged trees. British tourists were helping to clear up. Others took pictures.

I was amazed how many palapas survived. The beach is actually bigger in some places now. That large rusty buoy/anchor thing near the pier ended up against Captain Tutix - the Palapas building next to it got it bad. Generally around town: broken windows (but not many really) and some signs, flooding in lower areas near the beach entrances and any dips in the road on and off 5th. The trees and plants had a hard time - 40 to 80% stripped of leaves in the worst cases - but from walking around around you realise it's generally not that bad. 5th, while it's had a good haircut still has it's jungly charm. I imagine the biggest problem is water damage. Most of the damage can be found from the front up to 20th Avenue.

Those pictures posted earlier show some worst examples. I could have taken loads more where you'd be hard pressed to see if anything had happened. Journalists eh!

We've heard no one in the town was killed. PDC will be in shape again within the week.
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