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Maybe its because i am a "local" but i still fail to see the relevance of threads like this... i mean i am from the UK , supposedly a safe place compared to the US and Canada (no offence meant) but a country where gangs of teens can roam around mugging grown men, where children are regularly abducted, molested and murdered, where young girls are drugged and raped, where innocent drivers can be murdered just because the annoyed another driver, and yes a country where the residents have lived under the threat of terrorism for (approx) 50 years..... and here i am reading endless posts about people worried to come to Playa (probably one of the safest places on the planet ) because a bunch of drug dealers are bumping each other off...... i mean you play with fire you are gonna get burnt !!!
The area has been thru enough crap in the last few years with the big hurricains, pig flu (yeah what pig flu..) and the world economy.... the last thing Q,Roo needs is the mindless whining of a bunch of naysayers asking silly questions about how many heads were cut off two years ago.... sorry just needed to vent a little.....

Playa del Carmen, is SAFE.....
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