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Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
Originally Posted by Bumper
Why? Did you want to go there and take some pictures, or what?

Originally Posted by Andy&Jen
Maybe they want the tour package !!!


I dont think so at all Mikey, after all this is supposed to be a forum to promote Playa del Carmen, its Monuments, and business.s,its beaches and its beauty, i really dont think there is any need to see thread after thread of this nature.
Yes there are murders here, there are murders everywhere but as far as i am aware they are contained within the drug and crime circles, they bear no threat to visitors , so why promote the scaremongering .
I personaly feel if people feel the need to write and read about this kind of stuff there should be a completely seperate forum, i would rather not see it on P.I. at all
Hopefully i am entitled to an opinion
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