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Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
I think letting them know what they asked is the best answer to reassuring
the original poster that all is well. Seems DayDreamer and Fins were a little perplexed on the answers given by you and Bumper.

Promote scaremongering? Quite the opposite...Answering their question as to where it happened reassures them that it is hours away from Playa. Everyone knows that most of the deaths in the Roo are drug related...

I have done nothing but promote Playa Del Carmen from Hol Box to Xcalak and almost everywhere between for seven years. Slideshows, Web Casts, pictures....Over two million views now in the multimedia section. Even went down during the "Pig Flu" outbreak. Endangering our lives on a bed at Mamita's for hours all alone.....Well we did have a bottle of DJR as company.....The best time I have ever had in Playa.

She had a legitimate concern and people made jokes about those concerns. When all they had to do is provide a link that would help answer their question......What exactly were they going to take pictures of? What would the tour entail? I would answer but instead of taking the chance of being a little too graphic....I won't.....Just seems your joke was a little insensitive.

Plus when you have two people one of them being the original poster going WTF? It is pretty obvious....
Well said!
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