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Originally Posted by daydreamer View Post
I am not worried at all about my safety in PDC, Cancun or any other area in the vicinity that I might visit. If I was, I wouldn't go there. My husband & I have both felt safer in the streets late at night there then we would in many places in the States.

I can't speak for someone else, but I tend to think that even the person who asked for a more detailed location was not really concerned about his/her safety, just interested in the news article and where exactly it took place. Making comments about wanting a tour and taking pictures of a murder scene/body dumping area is just ignorant and sick (twisted).

Also, if the discussion on the safety of being in Mexico is bothersome, don't go into a thread titled "Is Mexico Safe". There are threads I have no interest in taking part in, and I simply do not go into those threads. I wouldn't go in there and start posting rude comments to the members who are active in those threads. Common sense and common courtesy can go a long way.
Don't go to the weather threads.

Oh...avoid the peso/dollar threads, too.

Oh...avoid the tipping threads
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