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I am SOO sorry i've not done my trip report of Playa yet guys. I've been SOO busy!! but I wanted to stop in and say we ate here while we was in playa and we LOVED IT and will forsure eat there again if we get to go back. The service was great.The staff was very friendly and gave us our space when we was talking but was there when we needed them. We sat outside so we could street watch and really had a good time. A Older man embarassed us though LOL ( was singing to us ) I tipped him and asked him to leave but he refused to until he sung his song which was VERY LONG LOL. he was GREAT but it was a bit embarassing LOL ( this is NOT the owners fault!!) It was actully neat just embarassing to me and my husband as everyone was then looking at us HA!

Here is what we ate ( I don't know the name of the dishes??? but I'm sure Russell can tell you) They was GREAT!!! We did not have any Margatitas but did note the sign showing it was 2 for 1 and the times!!

These was the BEST Nachoes hand DOWN that I've EVER had in all of Mexico

My Lunch . IT WAS GREAT.

My husbands dinner. HE LOVED IT!
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