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my own peon

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Originally Posted by Lulu
Always... Here's to real fake friends At least your real fake friends ACT like they're drinking tequila with you, and even PRETEND to be drunk afterwards... huh, Donna? Now THAT'S a real fake friend :p
real fake friends

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Originally Posted by sctx
real fake friends

That's one of my favorite pictures from that weekend!
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Originally Posted by TEX
ya got me, PB!!! i think i would have to casually mention the incident to said "friend" and be sure she knows it doesn't bother you cause you had a good time that weekend with your "real" friends....
Gotta agree with this. Just tell her where the bear crossed the buck wheat & move on, her loss, screw her, the end.
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Originally Posted by Snowdogs
Along the same lines, has anyone else found that once you get married your single friends think you won't WANT to hang out with them anymore (when you do) but at the same time married friends think the singles don't have time for them either (when they do)?

I've seen this from both sides and can't figure out why it is that we think there's some sort of switch to turn on and off who you "can" do things with!
I lost touch with a lot of my single friends when I got married. They just didn't like going out anymore and feeling like the third wheel...although I never thought of them in that way.

My best friend from high school completely lost it after I got married. She was always around and we were inseperable...she was a bridesmaid in my wedding...and she was at one time someone I thought was my best friend and someone I could trust. To make a long story short...boy was I wrong...she became so jealous of me that she set out to really hurt me and attempt to ruin my marriage by saying aweful lies about me to my husband and family. She would even call my husband and talk negative to him about me.....duh like she didn't think he was going to tell me. One New Year's Eve after going out and coming back to our house to spend the night...I wake up the next morning and find her gone. I tried to call her ...but she never returned my phone calls. She came into our store about two years ago...I wasn't working...Michael said she got in line to pay...saw him...and then just left without saying a word. Needless to say I haven't seen or heard from her now for at least 10 years since that New Year's Eve. And I don't think she will be shopping for any wine in our store anytime soon.

I have two friends today that I consider my closest who was my maid of honor in my wedding and I have known her since 1st grade...and one is a Godmother to my son and the other the Godmother to my like my mother always said...if you can count your close friends on one hand than consider yourself fortunate for you have found real friends.

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