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Originally Posted by popeye View Post
WOW! Thanks Jimmy! Even though Jimmy & I just did this trip last month I have to say the few spots that you & Vikki hit that we did not are on my "to do" list now! Great pics, great memories that I'll have forever! I sort of feel like I'm now a member of some "elite club." Jimmy, I owe you tons and hell YES we would have squeezed you in Vicki if there were any way, sorry!
Hey Barry... welcome to the "club".

The various waterfalls near Palenque are definitely one reason to go back. Since you'd be going that far anyway, do some research to include San Cristobal, Chamula, Tuxtla Guitterez and the Sumidero Canyon. If you're feeling really adventurous, make your way to the Pacific Coast and take in Puerto Escondido, Puerto Angel (Zipolite, Mazunte) and Huatulco.

My sons made a trip with me in late 2006 that included most of the Oaxacan Coast... click HERE to read that trip report.
They're excited about trying something similar with me this fall or in early 2012. I'm looking forward to it!

By the way, thanks for taking so many photos while rolling through Mexico... it's tough getting good ones under those conditions even using an SLR. Given those circumstances, you did incredibly well using a point & shoot.

Except for that bandito in Brownsville, I'd say our trip went rather smoothly. Messed up the next days travel plan, but driving after dark got us back on track. Plus... you earned your official "Mexican Night Driving" badge...


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