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Originally Posted by Jimontheriver View Post
That is so cool that he found you. I bet he wanted to say thanks.
Vikki and I gave him dog food... probably a delicasy he doesn't get too often. We figured he was a stray and considered tossing him into our vehicle but he had a friend with him (possibly part of the same litter). Jim, one of these days you'll have to make this drive with me!! I know you'd totally enjoy it and it would probably take us forever to make the crossing.

Originally Posted by Jesus View Post
In your Jan 2011 did you find any construction going between Coatzacoalcos and Villahermosa?
Never made it into Coatzacoales.. we picked up the cuota at Acayucan and took it directly to Villahermosa. That was the only notable stretch of toll road for us.

There was a fair amount of construction little west of Minatitlan where they were elevating the road through the wetlands... but that was back in November. The roadway from Escarcega all the way to Chetumal is completely finished now. One of these days, I'll drive through there during daylight and spend some time at the places you've mentioned in the other threads. I'd probably need to spend the night in Escarcega to make it all work out.


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