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Wow, thank you for sharing those photos, that is so inspirational!! I've got this burning desire to grow a veggie garden here, but like Heather I've never had much of a green thumb, so I'm really starting from scratch.
Right now I've got a couple varieties of tomato plants (no clue if they're resistant to that virus), green pepper, watermelon, papaya and assorted herbs. About half is in pots and half in the ground - can't really say dirt at this point as there doesn't really seem to be any, but I'm impressed how well they've done so far with seemingly so little to work. with. So my main interest right now if figuring out how to compost here. Is burying it in the ground the only way to avoid critter problems? I seem to have bedrock right at the surface just about everywhere so I don't think burying will work for me. Has anyone built an enclosed compost bin? I've got plans to build raised beds but would like to make some good soil to do that with. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
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