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I am not judging you. There is just a lack of knowledge surrounding activities like dolphin swims, taking photos with "pet" monkeys, etc. Hey I've even seen a lion cub on 5th Ave a few years back. What many Americans fail to think about is where the animals have come from, what is done with them when they get too big/out of control/parks close and what they teach their children by buying into the tourist scams. It's cyclical and I feel as an educator it's important to try to pass on knowledge.

Not all places are like this I just encourage you to do 5 minutes worth of research. Besides, you're paying for the probably want your money to go to a good use, not only for your family's experience but also for the animals you'll spend time with.

I've never been to Xcaret and I'm not sure where they get their animals from but I have heard many, many good things about this ecopark. One of the reasons for this forum is to help people with trip planning and I have seen the areas in PA and the water and set up IMO are not that great. If you decide to go make sure you let us all know what you thought of your experience.

I hope you have a wonderful trip...more like I know you'll have a wonderful trip! I hop on the plane tomorrow at 6:10am!!!! Cannot wait!
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