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Originally Posted by PincheMike View Post
Nice article. I've seen many different commissions work in the locker room and still find it surreal that someone would even attempt this. They won't even let fighters piss without an official standing by under most commissions.

I've been a big Pavlik fan and thought that he could have pulled that fight out had he had a competant cut man. I'd really love to see him take on Bute or Froch.

I'm interested in your take on the PED accusations leveled towards Pacquiao? If you're uncomfortable discussing it here, we can take that up on Saturday.
PEDs are rampant in boxing. I look forward to discussing Pacquiao and the probabilities that he too is enhancing when we meet Saturday night -- lookin' forward to it.

I am a HUGE Pacquiao fan. I nearly dropped my beer the first time I saw him fight on an under-card. I ran to the phone to call another fan to tell him to watch out for this Philippine fighter whose name I could not spell. I predicted (in my first viewing of him), that Pacquiao was going to be dominant in the sport for a while.

However, his belt at 154 pounds is a total fraud. He fought for a vacant title in a manner that does not subscribe to how a WBC vacant belt is filled (believe me, I know the WBC rulebook like the back of my hand). A 154 pound championship belt fought at a catch-weight of 150 pounds? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?? The junior middleweight division already IS a catch-weight division between welter and middleweight! Many old school fans (like myself) still have trouble recognizing junior-this and super-that as legitimate measures against the best history served up! And then to have a vacant 154 belt filled by a box-off between two 147 pound fighters where no ranked 154 pound fighter is within a thousand feet of the ring??? C'mon!!!

See you Saturday night!
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