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Originally Posted by OldYank View Post
This is Ron (The Hijacker and the better-half to Freebird ). I DO believe Margarito loaded his gloves for the Cotto bout but his gloves were "signed-off" as legally inspected the night of the bout. Although I can see much circumstantial evidence that Margarito loaded his gloves for Cotto, there is no way to prove it. Best -- Old Yank

thanks, you are a great boxing resource
i remember watching friday nite fights with my dad
"look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp" hahahahaha, gillette

saw emile griffith literally kill benny "kid" paret on tv
not a good day for that ring official
something like 29 blows to the head while he was hung up in the ropes

i predict that pacman sends mosley into retirement
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