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way into it
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Babaloo -

Great report on beach conditions. Too bad the media can't do as well! You could teach them a thing or two.
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Originally Posted by tortuga azul
The article El Universal is interesting and helpful. Thanks! I was struck by the fact that the Ass'n of Hotels had said that 50% of the hotels in Playa would be able to open by the end of the year and that the remainder might be open in 3-4 months.
but that is not what it spanish is bad but from what I can tell it says 15% of the rooms are damaged 50% of those rooms will be repaired by the end of the years the other 50% may take longer.

There is no way that 50% of the hotels are going to be offline even by next week.
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lost on fifth
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Originally Posted by beer4water
I agree entirely, I'll be there friday if they'll just let me in! We heard that the Chac-ha condos (where we're staying) were hardly damaged at all, but our friend's America West flight for this Thursday was just cancelled. Thursday is still pretty far away! Our friday frontier flight is still on (for now). I hope I'll see a few of you in 3 days!!! We'll celebrate that all you rockin' souls made it through Wilma! :p
i have an america west flight on tuesday. when i spoke to them today they told me "the airport will open on friday". i don't know where they got their info, but sounds like they are operating under that assumption.
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Beach Recovery

Don't know about Wilma but I visited Playa 3 days after Emily and the beaches were actually nicer! Larger beach area and more sand. Best I ever saw the beaches in Playa was after the Emily hurricane. Don't worry about the beaches they will be fine!
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Been reading some of your questions and will try to answer as best as I can: Fifth is fine, they were taking away the trash today, between Constituyentes and Juarez almost everybody has power, no water yet unfortunately, many businesses are open, Link at the Tequila Barrel even has the World Series on. We're now going to have something to eat at Babes on 8th. Tankha is fine, saw them all today, Ted and Pia at the Rana are ok, Java Joes was open for coffee and bagels this morning. Yes, there is a lot of damage but also many good things as you can see!

Hotel Posada Freud
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lost on fifth
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Originally Posted by michaelholmes
but that is not what it spanish is bad but from what I can tell it says 15% of the rooms are damaged 50% of those rooms will be repaired by the end of the years the other 50% may take longer.

There is no way that 50% of the hotels are going to be offline even by next week.
You are correct that that is not what it says; I stand corrected. I think it says that of the 15,000 damaged rooms, 50% are able to be repared between now and december, but the rest will not function normally for 3-4 months.
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very sparkly
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Originally Posted by tortuga azul
I sure agree with you. Some info on the various beaches and their condition would be helpful. I have seen indirect reports that the beach by Mamitas and Tucan have been damaged, but have not seen direct info or pics.
just an fyi, I was reporting on the beach clubs themselves, not the beach in general as I too have not seen any reports on the actual beach...
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lost on fifth
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Originally Posted by playapeg
i have an america west flight on tuesday. when i spoke to them today they told me "the airport will open on friday". i don't know where they got their info, but sounds like they are operating under that assumption.
I read that part of the airport is already open, but only open for limited flights - mostly evacuation efforts. I am surprised that AW would make a statement when the Cancun airport will open, I can't track down much deffinitive information. I am scheduled to fly out friday and a seriously hope it will happen, but both frontier (who I am flying on) and expedia (who I booked it through) refused to give me a definitive date on the phone this evening because they have not been told when by the Cancun airport, and said to check back twice a day until Friday because they cannot confirm when it will open to incoming flights for the general public. My flight is not cancelled yet, and may not have to be...I'm still 'waiting and seeing'. But my friends who had an AW flight for the Thurs the 27th recieved a cancelation call today and were told they couldn't rebook till Sunday. Either way you should be fine by next Tuesday playapeg.
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livin' the dream
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We are finally home! After a couple of frustrating days trying to get home, we finally made it back to Playa by taking the southern route (Valladolid to Coba to Tulum to Playa). We asked again this morning at the entrance to the Cancun toll road about our chances of getting to Playa through Cancun and were again told, for the third day in a row, that the road was still too flooded to pass. We decided to head for Coba and try that route. The road through Coba to Tulum was open with only one "damp" spot (about three feet of water for about fifty yards). Tulum looks relatively undamaged--at least the area we could see from 307. Stores, Pemexes, etc. are all open. No signs of real damage. The closer to Playa we got, the more we saw downed telephone lines and some building damage.

We hear Cancun has some spots that are in pretty bad shape and that the hotel zone is going to need quite a bit of work. We also hear that Cozumel is pretty bad off. Again, this doesnīt come from personal knowledge, only from the news reports down here. At the same time, we must applaud the Mexican government and military. They appear to have been on the scene in all of the trouble spots as soon as the winds stopped blowing. Food and water appear to be being delivered (we saw the trucks rolling ourselves), and reconstruction is already started (again, we saw the heavy equipment being hauled to Cancun).

We stopped in Paamul to check on our little trailer palapa and found it undamaged. Most of Paamul came through with no problems. One or two palapas came down and a couple of trailers were damaged, but nothing like the problems we had from Emily. We stopped by to see Suzie Q. Her trailer came through all right, and she was in good spirits. We then took off for Playa.

The most striking feature of post-Wilma Quintana Roo is the lack of vegetation. The good news, however, is that everyone now seems to have a much more expansive view of the water. Some larger trees are down, but mostly the branches have been stripped of every leaf. Itīs a strange effect when youīre used to seeing the lush tropical jungle. However, there is no doubt it will return quickly. The jungle will not be denied.

We had no trouble traveling through Playa. We saw no standing water anywhere at all. Neither did we see any signs of looting or discontent. Most stores on Constituyentes and in the Colosio were open. We saw one store with long lines, but others seemed to be operating normally. Samīs was open but only allowing a few people in at a time. They required you to have a list of five items, and you were not allowed to purchase any more than that. A friend told us they waited over three hours.

When we arrived back at the Hotel Zanzibar, we found it in pretty good shape. We had two windows blow out in one room, a door blow open in another room, and a door blow off in a third. Other than that, there was no damage to any rooms, just water pushed under the door by the hurricane that needed to be mopped up. One palapa was partially torn down (but it was scheduled for replacement in a few days anyways). The only real damage was to our beautiful tropical garden. We lost our largest banana tree and most of the vegetation has been stripped of leaves. However, our thought is that it will just make it sunnier when we put in the new pool.

We walked Fifth Avenue and were amazed at how it looked. Power was back on from Constituyentes to Juarez. Easily 75% of all shops, restaurants and bars were open and operating. If it werenīt for the piles of trash and vegetation waiting to be picked up on the street corners, you might not realize there had been a hurricane. We canīt possibly list all the places that are open but a few favorites that were operating this evening are Las Delicias, Apasionado, Sur, The Glass House, Fly, The Tequila Barrel, The Beer Bucket, La Rana Cansada (where we saw Anna and the adorable Elsa doing just fine, thank you very much), Ajua, The Bone Art Place (where Domingo was sitting out front as always doing his carvings), Palapa Hemingway, Java Joeīs, Hot Bakery, the list goes on and on and on. Playa is up and running!!

We saw a lot of friends and neighbors, including Alex and Karent from La Quinta Pasion. They had ridden out the storm in Cancun with Alexīs father. Yesterday, the started out from Cancun in their car but hit flood waters. They waded through the waters carrying their two beagles up over their heads and upon reaching dry land, hitchhiked the rest of the way to Playa. This is the kind of determination that the people of Playa have. And yes, La Quinta Pasion came through the storm just fine and will be open for breakfast tomorrow morning. The Coco Rio and its restaurant La Rucola are also fine and open. Barbaraīs Il Barreto was closed today but seemed to have no real damage. The Las Palmas condos across the street also appeared to have escaped unscathed. While out checking the street, we ran into Sarah B. who was as cheerful as ever (does anything ever get that girl down?) She said she rode out the storm at La Rana Cansada hotel and did just fine. She promised to come back later for drinks. Sarah B, weīre still waiting!

We stopped by the Playa Maya to see Steve (and met the beautiful Delmy). They are still shoveling sand and now have one of the nicest beaches on the strip. The place looks great, their guests are happy, and Steve says that none of the rooms had any real damage. We walked home along the beach. The Il Pirata is completely buried under sand. We stopped by and talked with folks there expecting them to be sadly bemoaning the loss of one of our favorite bars. Instead, they were cleaning the bar and informed us that the tractors would be taking the sand out tonight and they expected to be open tomorrow, the next day at the latest! The Dragon Bar next door at the Blue Parrot had already been cleared by the tractors and a brigade of workers were using shovels to take the last of the sand out. Some of the Parrotīs oceanside windows and one room seemed to be pretty much trashed, but interior rooms seemed fine.

We continued down the beach and sadly observed the loss of a couple of old friends. Club Tukan and Mamitaīs are gone. The beach where these clubs stood has been washed away. There is only the wreckage of the buildings sitting on the edge of the surf. We will have to see what the future brings for this area. We are keeping our fingers crossed that these two great Playa icons return.

By now it was getting dark, so we headed back to the hotel. We had heard there was a curfew at 7:00 pm. But when we saw that Fifth Avenue was filled with tourists and partyers at 8:00, we realized that such was not the case. We went back to the Zanzibar (where we actually have guests. Yay!! ), passed out free beer, and started decorating the grounds and stairways with candles, as our part of Playa was still in the dark. We had just finished when the lights came on in North Playa. We heard applause and shouts of "Viva Mexico!" from around the neighborhood, and we joined in as loud as we could. It appears that the lights are now on all the way down Calle 26 and the surrounding neighborhood.

We now have power, air conditioning, phone, internet and guests. The Hotel Zanzibar is up, operating and open for business, like most of Playa.

Tomorrow is the start of a number of long days. There will be lots of cleaning, lots of hauling of vegetation out of the courtyard and the cenote, and lots of planning for the future. And make no mistake about it...there is a future both for Playa and the Hotel Zanzibar. Itīs going to take more than a silly little hurricane to stop Playa or to send us home. Itīll take a few weeks of cleanup, but if youīre planning a trip down here, donīt cancel it. The water is still a beautiful turquoise blue, the margaritas are still icy cold, and the people of the Mayan Riviera will still welcome you with open arms.

And finally, to all the Peeps who kept our spirits up (Shammy, you top that list).....XOXOXOXOXO

Itīs good to be home.

Tony & Cheri
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This is great glad to hear you are back home and that the damage was minimal...looking forward to next is amazing how fast Playa comes back to life.
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Awesome...thanks for the optimism, can't wait to stay there next month! If you guys need anything muled down, let me know.
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Originally Posted by Tony&Cheri
"Viva Mexico!"

Glad to hear you all made it back and that the damage to your place was not to bad !!!!

Everything seems to be going well in Playa !!!!
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Originally Posted by Tony&Cheri
..."Viva Mexico!"...
Even more good news!!!

Thanks, guys, for taking the time and effort to fill us in on the actual situation.
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Mamitas and Tucan gone?? Wow!
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cafe corazon

i cant reach my friend who owns cafe corazon any info would be appreciated.
thanks for being there with the news
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