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Old 10-25-2005   #121 (permalink)
playa maya guy

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Ps. Steve, what is the best way to contact Playa Maya at the moment, as we have to reschedule our arrival?
Yes, good question. For any guests scheduled to arrive with us during this time (such as in your case), please continue to monitor the updates on our site. That is also good advice for those who want to write about specific questions about the area or other properties (again, a topic on which I know little to nothing, I'm afraid!). We update things on our site as regularly as we can and post messages here to alert folks to the main themes but cannot possibly answer all messages directly right now and won't begin taking reservation related requests until Monday the 31st, at the earliest.

As long as I'm here, Delmy says rocks in front of Playa Maya have already been covered by the ocean bringing back sand!

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into ruins
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Thank You Steve

What would we do without your reports??!!!!! You can't imagine how I wait to hear from you regarding the area. THanks a bunch.
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It's good to hear that you are all ok. I'd shure wish we could be there to have another post hurricane peep meet like the last one. I know you're busy with the clean-up, but I really appreciate your keeping us updated. And thanks for the pictures. They mean a lot to me.
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Thanks for the continued updates Steve...looks like Playa is coming back to life slowly but surely.
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Travel Insurance Tester

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Steve, I haven't even had time to look at your pictures until now (amazing BTW)...and all I can say is thank you for helping everyone see that there IS life after Wilma!
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Originally Posted by ryberg
Probably easiest to sum things up here and for now by quoting the update we just put on the front of our site, though I'll include a teaser shot below for you from the gallery, as well (this time from someone I think you'll recognize!).We go on to say that we now do not foresee reopening prior to Saturday, and that that date is still subject to revision based on those same points. So you can guess from that how things are going here, I think.


Never met him but I recognize Andy there with you....and just looked at the rest of your latest pics- amazing. Thanks, Steve!
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way into it
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Wbat a guy! You continue to raise our spirits with your photos and reports even while in the middle of that incredible clean-up effort. When I get back to Playa in Feb. I will be sure to share some 'spirits' with you.
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playa maya guy

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Location: Playa del Carmen
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Well here's some of what we know and have heard/seen direct corroboration of from today. Another couple of galleries are up and links follow at the end.

Supplies are arriving and being distributed, including for free to residents in need of them. We saw several from one location walking away with 10-gallon bottles of purified water and boxes with canned food, rice, milk, sugar, etc. A line of big semis full of supplies ran a good stretch of the outlet road outside Sam's this morning when we went by. Grocery stores returning to service, as well. Got some decent fruit from a non-crowded market on the way home.

Again, many people out enjoying restaurants and shopping. We saw bargaining for a hammock at a store on 8th and ran into guests of ours on 5th at La Parrilla, which was somewhat crowded.

Road to Cancun still has some water spots but buses are running and people are getting through. Some of our guests both went and came back today, trying to get out at the airport, and several more workers were able to arrive today.

Some passenger flights are taking place to move people out, in additon to the emergency/relief flights taking place as necessary. Apparently some airlines, including those from U.S., have as yet not gotten more people out because of regulatory and/or built-in technological blocks against take-off and other such operations without radar deemed to be up to norm, and some airlines from other countries may have even broken those barriers to get more people out more quickly.

Amazing progress is being made in terms of electricity, with virtually all the poles downed on the highway around Playa and between here and Cancun up again now and the job anticipated to be finished late tonight or early tomorrow. This is in part because an estimate 6-8 times the normal number of electricial commission workers and trucks were brought in a couple of days ago. You see the trucks and guys working on the lines everywhere.

Also many workers and a lot of heavy machinery out clearing away debris and trash, at least in the tourist zones.

Finally, it may not be as important but we were thrilled to see a virtual overnight recovery of beach, at least in our area, brought by the sea. This last was so impressive that in addition to our regular Tuesday gallery now up, we have also put up a beach photo Tuesday gallery.

Of course you may sense a good deal of bewilderment as you look at them and try to reconcile them with the officially reported news that Playa was in fact destroyed by Wilma. Such confusion is normal -- do not be overly concerned.

I leave you with these two teasers, then. Enjoy.


A guest of ours from London on her honeymoon, enjoying the late afternoon sun on the beach while clean-up crews remove the last of the debris.

Shot of our area of the beach from above our gym.
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Thanks for all of your help, as busy as you must be, it is even more appreciated.
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Glad to see things cleaning up so well at Playa Maya!....I just knew that other folks would see the wisdom in your beachfront entrance Lastly, its good to see Feliciano getting some exercize...he needs to stay strong so he can carry my wifes luggage when we come back next year...he IS the hardest working employee you have! Best Wishes...Jacko and Mrs. Jacko
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As awlays Steve, great report and great pictures.

We look forward to seeing you and Delmy on the 7th.
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way into it
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Steve, can't thank you enough. I am coming as soon as we can and I can not wait to come over there and shake your hand! Your reports (and those of some others) have truly gotten me through this. My hat is off to you! Pam (well, if I wore a hat it'd be off!)
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As a first time poster, but long time lurker, I want to commend everyone on their efforts to keep everyone so informed.

Steve, thanks for the great pics! We have such renewed excitement for our December arrival back to PDC!

Best wishes with the cleanup. I look forward to more pics on your website!

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very sparkly
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Thanks Steve for another positive post. We are still hoping to be able to fly in on Sunday and will definitely stop by for a few cold ones and some chow.
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into ruins
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Steve - just wanted to say thank you. You have single handedly made me and my family super excited again to come back to Playa!
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