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Originally Posted by Anna Tortuga View Post
I don't mind this law at all. Its not like you can't drink anywhere, its just on the streets! You can drink at dinner, lunch, on the beach when at the beachclub, at a bar, at a club, in your room! You can drink everywhere. And I'd rather not see drunken groups on the streets, especially if I had small kids with me seeing this sad scene..
I think its a fair enough law.
In L.A you can't even smoke on the beach!!!!!!
I TOTALLY agree, Anna!! We really do NOT want Playa to end up as the premiere spring break location in Mexico, right? I think this is an attempt to keep it the more laid-back, civilized, chi-chi, fun place it is, more "adult", if you will, more sophisticated, in some ways. Really, MUST we walk down the street drinking? I doubt this is a problem for most forum peeps - more likely for the tourists in Playa that want to turn it into party central.
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