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Myself and six friends were in Playa last week and went on the Caribbean Carnival Booze Cruise. We had a lot of fun doing it and it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip, among plenty of other things.

We booked through Entertainment Plus, and they were offering a special at the time for 56 dollars for the cruise plus 10 a person for round trip transportation. It was the cheapest I saw anywhere, booking it at the place was 90 so it seemed like a good deal to me and worth it.

Drinks are unlimited and you can get anything you want but they generally make them very weak so we were basically full of liquid before we were even drunk. We learned by the end of the night to start asking for our rum and cokes with "mas ron" The hosts of the cruise were very energetic and fun and we had plenty of dancing and entertainment and they made everyone feel at ease and relaxed. The food once we got to Isla Mujeres wasnt outstanding but it was better than I had been expecting. Overall I was very impressed. If you want any more information feel free to PM me
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