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Thanks for everyone's well wishes. I debated on whether to post this because I didn't want to seem cheesy, but it's the kind of thing you want to shout from the rooftops!
I was so lucky, what I went through was so much less than others do. At the time, of course, it was difficult and devastating. When I look back and when I hear stories of what other's have gone through it seems like it was a piece of cake, in comparison.
I was diagnosed with Uterine cancer at the end of May 1994. The recommendation was a hysterectomy and follow up radiation. I was 24 and had never had children. It was definitely a blow. I was considered 'cured' after surgery as the cancer was contained in my uterus and there had been no spread. The radiation was done mostly as a precautionary. The whole ordeal lasted about 4 or 5 months.
I would never wish what happended to me on anyone and wouldn't want to go through it again, but it made me a stronger person and truly appreciative of what I have and the people in my life. I learned you have to stop and smell the roses, or sit on the beach with a cerveza, cause life's too short and you never know what tomorrow will bring.
So enjoy your life and count your lucky stars that you are here to live it...the alternative sucks.
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