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Originally Posted by Duck View Post
Before we go too much farther ..... I would like to say this : Deb & I would like to THANK Andy from the bottom of our hearts for what he & Jen had originally started in PDC. If not for their tireless efforts over the past 5 years the street dogs of Playa would have perished by now ! Deb & I adopted 2 babies from the PPS, Taco ( 2 yrs ago ) and Burrita ( last June ) and we've never been more proud and more in LOVE with than I can say !

Time marches forward .... and with Andy getting married to his sweetheart Penny ( from Canada ) he has decided to "retire" from the PPS and move forward with his NEW family in Canada. We "respect" his wishes and wish him continued success in the coming years of his life with his new family !

Andy mate, we LOVE YOU, and will miss you and your forever charm and willingness to treat us all to a very "special time" while we were in Playa ! Mate, i mean this from the bottom of my heart, YOU have been very special to Deb & I and a TON of other peeps ..... we wish you the BEST in your future and may GOD BLESS YOU MATE !
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Duck ,you wrote it so eloquently! We all have such respect and thankfullness for what Andy, and Jen, started, such special people! But, there's always an ebb and flow in life and that is what is happening now. We are all behind PAR 100%! ready to move forward, get the new site set up, and taking off!
Andy I could not say it any better. I will be down next week to help gary. I don't know if you will be there then, if you are would love to buy you a cold one. With all my heart THANKYOU
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