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I started the map directory in the days when none of the map content providers (Google, MSN, Yahoo!, et al) had map tiles for Playa, so we painstakingly made our own map layers for each zoom level then sliced these maps (huge files!) into map tiles (lots of them!) to cover Playa and other areas. Then Google "shifted" the world about 70m or so (at least in the Playa area) and all the tiles then needed regeneration!

It was a LOT of work. More than I could do, so I got some help, which was also problematic. Then my javascript coding partner went to live in a monastery, and we re-evaluated the direction of development. Then the map companies started to support Playa.

We then decided to support some more off-the-shelf tools (read: more professional than what I was making!) which we have up and running on our development server. It's a much better system with a dedicated development team, and it fits within a new open source, off-the-shelf content management system to replace the custom one we are currently using (which I wrote in '04 ! )

As far as contacting us "with a couple of addresses we gave..." don't know what that means. Just use the "contact us" link near the bottom of each page. The emails go to me. As a merchant, join the New Merchant user group here:

I'll give you access to the merchant forum.
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