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The Viva Wyndham is located in Playacar and we took a walk around.
STARBUCKS!!! i was desperate for some caffeine!

The hubby needs his red bull.. so we stocked up.. we went sure we were going to find anymore red bull when we moved to the next resort.

One day in Mexico and the boy is already burnt... He kept forgetting to put sunblock..

He was a lobster!!!

At the resort there was a man painting by hand.. we ended up buying the one he's making now.

The shows were fun and night.. even though they were outside.. and we got eaten up by mosquitos. but I wasn't going to complain once. LOL I was just happy to be there.


The last day.. the boy did some archery... as I watched and got tipsy on my tequila sunrises. haha.

Those 2 nights went by quick and we were off to the next resort. I had been dreaming about going there far before I even got married.
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